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PLEASE NOTE: If you know of erotic hypnosis sites that should be listed here please let us know by completing the form at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy and always play safe!  

Hi this is Bob from Hypnofantasy.com and welcome to Erotic Hypnosis Online.  On this page you will find a detailed list of many of the erotic hypnosis sites you can find on the Internet.  This is by no means a complete list nor is it a personal recomendation that you must visit these sites, it's just a list plain and simple.  If we know a site well then YES you will note a recomendation beside their name but even then just because we like them doesn't mean you will. 

www.erotic-hypnosis-online.com A complete hypnotism listing of erotic hypnosis sites on the Internet for those interested in sex trance, submission, brain washing and mind control.
www.bobsbedroomhypnosis.com A sex hypnotism place for Bob and his erotic hypnosis tricks!
www.idoubledareu.com Anyone up for playful erotic hypno surprises? 
www.hypnosis-fansigns.com Send us your sexy pic with our name all over you !!
www.mysecretslutside.com For ladies, girls, women who want to give into the idea of being sexually teased into being the slut they always dreamed of.   Go ahead - you know you want to hypnotized into being the slut you are!
www.my-sexy-bedroom.com Peek inside Bob's hypnotic bedroom and hear the sessions he has created for his adoring and playful wife.  These may just be what your relationship needs! 
www.mysexymind.com Nikki' Fatales hypnotic-erotic  place for shaping adult erotic mind candy.  Her erotic trance specialties in submission, domination and gentle loving playful mind molding.
www.showingmyselfonline.com A fun erotic hypnosis session by Bob Brown that encourages you to show yourself online.
www.warpingmymind.com Bob's erotic hypnosis remake of some of the original www.warpmymind.com classics.  If you love www.warpmymind.com you may enjoy the enhancements Bob has added.
These sites are still under development.

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These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.  

Agnars Photo Den Hypnosis hypnotic picture gallery  
Aneros Welcome to the home of the Aneros Company, the creators of the amazing Aneros Prostate Stimulator for men!  The Aneros Massager is a patented anal sphincter-driven, prostate-perineum stimulator. With the Aneros, men can achieve strong, continuous, non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. Using the Aneros is an exciting way to experience a new kind of pleasure. It's truly one of a kind.  
Anton Video A huge selection of fetish videos feature the most beautiful models anywhere!  
Brian David Phillips Brian David Phillips has extensive experience in hypnosis and entertainment. In addition to being a dynamic communication and influence presenter as well as an extremely engaging speaker and focused trance/hypnosis trainer, he is a wonderfully entertaining stage hypnotist.  
Descent Radio

Promoting understanding and enjoyment of the recreational hypnosis experience. Online home for DESCENT Hypnosis Radio

Devotional Sex A new world of intimacy pleasure and passion.  
Dungeon Delight Awesome Steel Bondage Gear  
Erotic Hypnosis A forum for hypnosis enthusiasts.  
Erotic Hypnosis Techniques Then you’ve come to the right place — because you are about to learn erotic hypnosis secrets that will easily seduce any woman you want  
Fetlife A social network for the BDSM and Fetish Community  
Goddess Marquesa A Nikki favourite.  
HypnoBusters Mainstream hypnosis sessions for whatever ails you.  
Hypno Games The early works of Aaron Glotfelter. Kind of fun to watch and learn from.  
Hypnoladies Independent resource for female and femdom hypnosis related sites.  
Hypno Serotique The first website in French dedicated to Erotic Hypnosis.  
Hypnodomme Utopia At Hypnodomme Utopia you will find links to experienced Femdom Hypnotists. Are you looking for erotic hypnosis phone sessions? Or perhaps you are interested in erotic hypnosis videos or audio recordings? Maybe you are looking for erotic hypnosis forums or communities where you can discuss your fetish.  
Hypnohaven An erotic hypnosis haven for many fetishes and fantasies pertaining to erotic hypnosis.  
Hypnopics Collective    
Hypnopoetics Hypnotic poetry for seduction.  
Hypnorobo Erotic Hypnosis Product Directory (brought to you by Inraptured) Y
Hypnosis.com A resource for training, scripts and MP3s. Non erotic materials.  
Hypnosis.org A site owned by Cal Banyan. Lots of non-erotic hypnosis stuff.  
Hypnosis Paradise    

Free stories featuring Dominant women hypnotizing and controlling those around them

Hypnotic Addiction The ezine of the erotic hypnosis, sex hypnosis, femdom and erotic hypnotics pleasure. YES
Hypnotic River Sensual Spellweaver Erotic Hypnosis Goddess  
Hypnotic Wishes She is a hypnotic dominatrix, and you are under her spell... never knew anyone could make you feel this way... and as you sink deeper into trance, trading free will for mind numbing pleasure  
Hypnotize This A comprehensive "How to" hypnosis book  
Hypnotize Your Lover Learn the art of Hypnotic Seduction today.
Buy the book, or DOWNLOAD it now.
Hypnovideo Hypnovideo is your place to find Erotic Hypnosis videos and tons of free pictures to enjoy!  
Isabella Valentine Open to adult singles and couples of all genders and lifestyles who enjoy erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, sex studies, and fans of Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s research. We will be doing live demonstrations of how erotic hypnosis can spark romance in our sex lives including verbal and non-verbal inductions. Hosted by husband/wife team: Isabella Suzanne Valentine and Michael Maurice Williams. Let’s meet up! Be hypnotized!  
Inraptured.com   YES
Instant Hypnosis Sexual-Hypnosis.com provides dozens of hypnosis downloads to assist with your sex-related issues, from oral sex to multiple orgasms. Plus, each order comes with FREE MP3 player software, and CDs have FREE international shipping. You're also guaranteed anonymity: our site name will NEVER appear on your statement.  
Jennifer Campbell Author and Slave. Just found her so I thought I would include.  
Kasha Shakti Erotic hypnosis pleasure and treasure training with living goddess Kasha Shakti. Trance induced chastity control through hypnotic surrender.
Key Hypnosis A series of specialized scripts including a number of them designed for couples interested in erotic hypnosis.  
Kismet Video Femdom Erotic Hypnosis Videos YES
Lady Julia The Enchanted Realm  
Lady Mesmer A personal favourite of Nikki.  
Literotica A great collection of member written erotic stories including some hypnosis, mind control and BDSM. YES
MC Stories A wonderful collection of hypnotic and mind control stories. YES
Milovana This is the site for anybody who likes sex and loves to experiment and explore. YES
Mind Control Theatre    
Mistress Zaida    
My Hypnotic Domain Powerful Dominatrix and erotic hypnotist, Mistress Carol, will take you on a journey into her dungeon you will never forget. YES
NLP Information site on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  
RC Writes Definitely one of Nikki's favourites and a great supporter of Hypnofantasy.com. YES
Roy Hunter This is the webpage for the official Hypnosis FAQ from alt.hypnosis.newsgroup.  
Sambas Web    
Seduction Science Another one of those get laid by pretty women sites.  
Sexual Hypnosis


 provides dozens of hypnosis downloads to assist with your sex-related issues, from oral sex to multiple orgasms.
Spindizzy Hypnosis Bill has been around for some time but I am not sure how popular his sessions are.   
Subliminal Blackbook Make subliminal messages and hypnotic recordings.  
Trance Providers TranceProviders are a group of Beautiful Hypnotists offering erotic hypnosis Audios and Videos in a tasteful, Therapeutic and/or Erotic Scenario, offering our viewers a fun, friendly, playful, sexy and safe option to enjoy erotic hypnosis products in a quick downloadable format. We work hard to provide fun new erotic hypnosis scenarios on a regular basis, with all new erotic hypnosis scenarios, never ever repackaged for resale. Our erotic hypnosis sessions are defined as fun, tasteful erotic content presented by Beautiful Women in a very comfortable, safe, fun, and non-threatening environment.  
Virtual Hypnotist

Virtual Hypnotist is a free, open source, interactive hypnosis program, and is a rewrite of Hypnotizer 2000. It includes features such as voice recognition, speech synthesis, subliminal messages, completely customizable scripts (featuring a unique scripting language), videos, audio, and lots more. Its purpose is to simulate a real hypnosis session as much as possible....

Warp My Mind This site is dedicated to hypnosis as a fetish and the sharing of hypnofetish mp3's. The majority of the files here are fetish related, and we maintain a wide variety of files for just about any fetish. YES
Wendi.com A well known hypnotist with a small assortment of hypnosis for lovers including orgasm hypnosis..   
Wicked Hypnosis Erotic Hypnosis, BDSM, Domination, Mind control, Feminization, Physical Manipulation-This site is about fetishes and Hypnosis. Femdom Mistress Candice is experienced in various forms of domination. A dominatrix who uses the hypnosis as one of many tools. A sensual dominatrix Mistress's sensual style of domination is likened to that of a snake charmer. Sliding into her subjects mind through audio and visual aids. This hypno fetishist knows how to press your buttons in more ways than one.  
Weird and Sexy WeirdandSexy is the largest fetish directory on the web with thousands of real sites organized by dozens of categories.  

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